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Willing to participate in a study about nurse managers using job embeddedness to retain RNs?

I am a GCU doctoral candidate under the direction of Dr. Cynthia DeMarco, and my dissertation project focuses on "Rural Healthcare Managers Use of Job Embeddedness to Retain Registered Nurses." If you are a director of nursing, chief nurse officer or nurse executive, chief executive officer, registered nurse manager, clinic nurse manager, or in any other healthcare role for more than a year, please join in my study by clicking on the survey below. Thank you in advance.

The activities for this study include:

  • Complete two online questionnaires. The first questionnaire is the demographic questionnaire as the criteria for study participants to join in the research. The second questionnaire is the Job Embeddedness Questionnaire┬«. The questionnaires are 5-8 minutes long. Please read the informed consent link before you can start the survey:
  • Thanks for participating in my study for rural nurses!
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