RNO Anna Mae Award 2016

Dr. Pamela Fahs receives the RNO Anna Mae Award 2016

RNO Anna Mae Award 2016

Congratulations to Dr. Pamela Fahs on receiving the RNO Anna Mae Award 2016! The award was received at the International Rural Nursing Conference in Rapid City, South Dakota. Thank you for over 30 years of service within the rural nursing community.

The RNO is an international organization formed for the purposes of recognizing, promoting, and maintaining the specialty of Rural Nursing practice. As such, the RNO wishes to recognize leadership in the specialty of Rural Nursing and the provision of health care in rural population. This leadership may have been exhibited in one or more of multiple roles, not limited to a practitioner, educator, or researcher. The recipient of this award will have provided a voice for rural nursing in nursing or health care agencies, professional organizations, academia, community, and/or government. Typically, the winner of this award will have influenced rural nursing beyond the local level with work that is recognized as supportive of the specialty of rural nursing and/or healthcare for rural populations. The award winner’s work will be recognized as having long-lasting influence in rural nursing and health care. This award may be based on recognition of a single achievement or a trajectory of work in the area of rural nursing.

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