“Recognition of the diversity of rural nursing practice. A voice for rural nurses to health care agencies, academia and government. Continuing education and access to resources for rural nurses. Quality health care for rural communities.”

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Call for Nominations

Board of Director Positions Open

The Rural Nurse Organization (RNO) is a national organization of nurses interested in rural health and nursing. The Online Journal of Rural Nursing and Health Care is our official journal. Our website is www.rno.org. RNO Board of Directors’ meetings are  held no less than every 4 months via conference call or web conference. Typically, board meetings are scheduled every other month.

The current open board positions are Treasurer (2 year term) and Members at Large #3 (3 year position). Eligibility requirements are: (A) Be an Individual Member of the RNO, (B) Able to fulfill the obligations of the elected office, and (C) Hold no other elected office in RNO.

Please respond to this call for nominations by January 8, 2015 at 5 pm CST to Martha Scheckel at mscheckel@winona.edu and copy rno@bama.ua.edu.

The Treasurer shall:

Be a member of the Board of Directors, the Executive and Finance Committees

 Be responsible for funds of the Organization and shall deposit such funds in a designated bank

 Submit a written financial statement, including copies of the check register, at each regularly scheduled meeting of the Board

 Submit an annual written financial statement

 Submit financial records for review at the end of the fiscal year

 Be bonded for an amount determined by the Board of Directors; the premium will be paid by the RNO

 Be authorized to sign checks drawn against the funds of the organization

The Members-at-Large shall:

Be members of the Board of Directors

 Act as liaisons between members and the Board

 Accept duties as assigned by the President

 Be ex-officio members of the Membership Committee

If you are willing to run for office, please submit the following information:

1. A statement that you are willing to run for the specific open position in the RNO.

2. A brief Biosketch in paragraph form (education, positions held etc).

Please send these items via email to mscheckel@winona.edu and copy rno@bama.ua.edu with the Subject Line "RNO Board Nomination".

Those running for office must be a member of RNO you can join or renew your membership at http://www.rno.org/join-us/