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Recognition of the diversity of rural nursing practice. A voice for rural nurses to health care agencies, academia, and government. Continuing education and access to resources for rural nurses. Quality health care for rural communities.

Open Position with AgriSafe - Rural Nurse Needed as a Director of Clinical and Occupational Health Education

The AgriSafe Network is seeking a Director of Clinical and Occupational Health Education (COHE). AgriSafe is a national 501(c)(3) non-profit organization representing health and safety professionals who strive to reduce health disparities found among the agricultural community. The Director of COHE will work closely with AgriSafe's Executive Director in this full time, remote opportunity. The Director of COHE will lead the development and implementation of educational opportunities for rural healthcare providers and educators. The position is designed for a trained professional who is self-directed, possesses strong interpersonal skills, and values a team approach. Read more.


Upcoming GRNEN Webinars

June 14, 9:00 AM CDT. Examining the Impact of the Malawai-Alabama Global Nursing Education Rural Vaccine Project

June 15, 9:00 AM CDT: The Promotion of Global Health Competencies: Moshi, Tanzania - South Dakota Rural Community Nursing Project

June 16 9:00 AM CDT: INTOUCH - International Nursing Technological Outreach Uniting for Community Health

September 7 5:00 PM CDT: Interactive Virtual Reality Engaging with a Rural Community to Enhance Local-Global Knowledge & Collaboration: The CHASE Model in Action


Membership Renewal - Please update your Member Record

As we continue to focus on our operations, we are inviting you to please update your contact information during the renewal process. Please be sure to renew your membership today through the PayPal option on the website or mail your check to our headquarters office. Login here to renew your membership and update your profile.

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Read here about the activities and accomplishments that CMS has made in improving the health and wellbeing of individuals living and working in rural, frontier, and tribal communities in fiscal year 2021.

Here is a link to the CMS document: Improving Health in Rural Communities FY 2021 Year in Review:


RNO Statement on Diversity

The RNO recognizes the diversity of rural nursing practice and is a voice for rural nurses to healthcare agencies, academia, and government. The recent deaths of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, and Rayshard Brooks are vivid reminders that racial disparities still exist.

As an organization we denounce racism and are committed to achieving health equity, reducing disparities, and respecting human dignity. To undo racism it requires each of us to examine our own biases and engage in difficult conversations. We ask you to consider the history of racism and injustice as we care for our colleagues and our patients, for whom these events have caused pain.

Read our full diversity statement at:


Learn more about Barriers to Accessing Quality Care in Rural Communities.

The Rural Nurse Organization is a member of the Council of Public Health Nursing Organizations (CPHNO). Check out the Blog that CPHNO regularly publishes. Understanding barriers to care in rural communities is a key step in promoting high quality care for rural residents. Read more at:



RNO is an organization dedicated to recognizing, promoting, and maintaining the unique specialty of rural nursing practice. We represent all types of rural health care providers from individual rural nurses to healthcare agencies, academia, and government programs. We offer two types of memberships: Individual Memberships and Institutional Memberships.


The Rural Nurse Organization is working hard for you. As members of a global community, we all have a responsibility to allow our voice to be heard. Rural nurses are often underpaid, and their environments are underfunded. RNO offers grants for rural nursing projects and research, a regularly published newsletter, a refereed journal focused on rural nursing practice, an international conference with scholarship support available, and an ongoing opportunity to connect with other healthcare providers in rural communities across the globe. This fundraiser will help create a 5 year plan to expand the reach of the RNO!! If you would like to help, donate today!